FREE!! Moetoy’s FFXIV:ARR Crafting Bot

Current version : 1.2.1 ( 10 Oct 2013 ) NEW RELEASED!
10-Oct-13 4-19-51 AM
Key Features : 

  • Support all FFXIV:ARR Languages ( 日本語,English,Deutsch,Français)
  • Included all preset skill for level 1-40 ( More will come! )
  • Able to craft up to 39 steps to match your need ( HQ Craft/Mass Craft/Leveling Craft etc )
  • Able to select HQ mat for your craft for maximum exp!
  • Easy to save/load skill set. You can save your own skill set for each recipes.
  • With right skill setup and right gears, you can use this bot to craft your item with 100% HQ success rate!
  • Able to select the skill name in each step to remind you about each recipe skill set
  • Able to set the delay for each action to match your game latency
  • Able to stop every 30 min to eat food manually ( automatic eat food will implement in later version )
  • Support all FFXIV:ARR Crafting UI Size ( Small,Medium,Big )
  • Support all FFXIV:ARR Gamma Correction range ( 0,50,100 )
  • Custom keybind option
  • Best tool for spiritbond item, craft HQ item, power leveling while you away!!
  • You also get “Secret skill set of 100% HQ Craft” in the full version!
  • And much more features to come!

From 19/4/2014 Moetoy’s FFXIV Bot will be available for free. Just click download link below. Thank you very much for your support since 2010. I hope you can enjoy FFXIV more with my bot as I do every day!

Download Free Moetoy’s FFXIV Crafting bot here!



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