Hi guys, today I’ll show you some guide I’m using when I tried to level up my new char from level 1 to level 50 for Blacksmith in just 4 days.  I think I’ll not leveling other class because I have all class level 50 already. But I just level this one up to test my Crafting Bot and it work perfectly!


1) 200k-300k of gil ( to buy all mats from market )

Or, you can just leveling your miner and get everything from your own, but it will take a lot longer time.

2) Moetoy’s Crafting Bot for FFXIV:ARR, you can use the preset skill in version 1.0.1 with this guide

What to do?

BSM 1-4

- Buying Copper Ore x 2 stack , Tin Ore x 1 stack from NPC to make Bronze ingot
- Spam only 1 ( first skill) because no other skill to use yet
BSM 5-9

- using Bronze ingot from previous setp to craft Bronze Rivet
- you can use fire share from quest lv 1 ( 150 ) or 5 and safe some expense
- At level 5 you’ll get a basic touch skill. Use this skill 1-2 times before using standard synthesis to increase progress
- eat salt cod ( control + 4 ) for more quality
- After using all the bronze ingot, buy another stack of mat and make bronze ingot again
- then use that to make bronze rivet again
- With 2 stacks of Ingot->rivet loop, you can reach level 12 easily

** Can keep bronze rivet to finish quest too! ( level 10 quest )

** After you finish level 10 quest, you’ll need a lot of Bronze ingot to progress and get new recipe, so try to buy another stack of Mat for bronze ingot and try to do it again

- When craft another set of bronze ingot, maybe you’ll consider crafting something else
** Amateur’s Doming Hammer(11) = Bronze INgot x1 + Ash Lumber x1
** Spike Bronze Labrys (14) = Bronze ingot x 3 + Ash Lumber x1
- Can purchase Ash Lumber from NPC for 43 gil ( BSM Guild )
- Amaeur’s doming hammer got around 900-1000 exp per craft at level 12
- For almost 1 stack, you can get to level 15 with domming hammer recipe

Level 15

- After reach level 15 and finish class quest, now you can do Iron ingot.
- You can just go to market board and buy off it from market for faster leveling ( price depend on server )
- Buy around 3 stack ( for my server, 27 each ) of Iron ore so can craft for 99 times
- also, it’s a good idea to buy your equipment since new gears is level 15

** for 99 iron ingot, you can go from level 15 to level 18 easily

Level 18

- Since you got plenty of Iron ingot, it’s good to do Iron Rivet with that mat for easy craft
- with this method it can level up to 21 in just few min

Level 21

- You will get “Great stride” it’s very useful for increase quality and get more exp
- try to combo it with basic touch
- you might need to craft iron ingot again so you can use it for other recipe and get easy exp
- Next 99 iron ingot craft can boost to level 23

Level 23

- you can grind Iron ingot -> iron rivet again if you like. If you have other mat like Yew lumber you can try to do initiate’s Mortar for better exp ( but it costly )
- this level range is nothing to do much since some mat are expensive, better stick with Iron Ingot -> Rivet for a long while

Level 26

- If you have money, buy some Bombard Ash to make Steel Ingot, for 1 stack, you can reach around level 30

level 30

- With steel ingot, you can do steel rivet for a bit

Level 33

- You can try crafting mythril ingot since people selling Mythil ore with cheap price. But you need to use Ingenuity to decrease the Recipe revel to your current one. You’ll get tons of exp with this recipe.
- with making 99 mythril ingot, you can up your level from 33 to 38-40 without much effort

You can do that and get to lv 42 without much effort

Level 42-50

- You can grind with Cobalt Ore->Cobalt Ingot-> Cobalt Rivet to 50. Try to get maximum quality as possible to get a lot of exp.

I’m sorry for the bad English in this guide. I was just note it when I tried to level up my new char to lv 50 to test the bot performance. I put some preset skills in my bot 1.0.1 so you can choose the right skill for each level respectively.

For other class, I think there will be some recipe that can grind together like Ore->Ingot->Rivet but I don’t check it yet.

The key factor of Crafting Bot is to get maximum quality as much as possible before finish the craft :)

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