Hi there, it’s been a long time since I release my old grinding guide. I was hitting all DoH 50 before SE revamped the recipes and skill so I don’t have any motivation to waste my gil on the leveling again. But right now I was nothing to do and want to leveling my alt to all DoH 50 so I can help my main crafting and making more profit for the upcoming 2.0 lol.

So, here’s the list of my recipes that I’m using for leveling up my alt. Since I wasn’t logging everything correctly so you might need to adjust it to match your preference and gil in your pocket. Right now I have a lot of gil so I don’t mind buying the ingredient/shard,crystal from market and I was using the exp book from black market ( 100k gil ) to constantly boost my exp everytime I’m sitting nearby my PC and watch the bot run. I could say that I can level up my char from 1 to 50 in just 4 days or so ( for 1 DoH class ), but this method is very expensive and if you don’t have much money to burn, you can stick with DoL to make some more money and burn it into the craft. I could say that it worth your effort.

You might need to check this great guide for luminary tool crafting. It’s great guide line for you to level up your char with those recipe ( credit to author of that guide ) : http://xivpads.com/?-Guides&Luminary_Tools_Recipes

Also, here’s another method for HQ craft skills list. This one is for manual crafting not suit for botting since some skill like Magnum Opus or Improvise that require orb color/unstable state cannot use with bot. : http://xivpads.com/?-Guides&Guide:_How-To_HQ_all_the_things

So, this is my step to leveling up my alt. You don’t need to follow my step but this is how I do it.

1) Alchemist.

As always, it’s easiest to level up since you can using my Fishing Bot to get the fish and burn that fish to get the shard for free. But since SE removed Fine Sand from NPC so you have to do some lighting shard/crystal yourself. You can fish up the fish that give you some decent lighting crystal from here.

- Try fishing at grade 1 in Thanalan ( uldah area ). You can fish up a lot of brass loach here and can turn into 12 lighting shards
- For malm kelp, I recommend that you should fish up from Grade 3 in Uldah area ferry port ( near camp horizon ) This spot give you Black sole and Malm kelp so you’ll never run out of supply. Check my old guide for Black Sole fishing location here : http://moetoy.com/?p=1482

For the guide, you can just do the fish that match your level. Just follow this one Click Here.


When you reach alc 50, you’ll get some good skills to use while leveling next class. here

1) Master’s Mend* ( Alc 45 ) Great skill to restore durability for 30. It’s useful to get some extra careful craft.
2) Innovation ( Alc 30 ) Increase quality for 50% in next tree step. Good for stack with another +quality skill while you don’t have byregot’s blessing yet ( crp 45 )
3)  Purification* ( alc 36 ) Increase quality for 125% for the next step. Use to stack with above skill
4) Comfort Zone ( Alc 36 ) don’t use dura for 3 step. It’s good to have to spam standardx3 until you get Greater Calling ( BSM 45 )
5) Creative Urge ( alc 20 ) ensure success of all type for next step. Use with Rapid to advance progress.
* = the ultimate skill for HQ and easy exp bonus craft.

SmartCraft Setup

And here’s how I’m using above skill in my bot. ( If you using reverse skill option, you have to reconfig the skill to match that option )

1) Comfort Zone + Standard:3   / Use the one first to gain some advance in progress since you’ll likely encounter elemental unstable a lot.
2) Creative Urge + Rapid:1 / Advance some more progress to make sure it will end craft completly
3) Master’s Mend + Instant:0 / get back some of the durability for some more careful
4) Innovation + Instant:0 / Just use it to buff
5) Purification + Careful:3 / This skill will stack with innovation and will give you boost in quality if you get great success. It will gone in turn 3 so just put the careful 3
6) Careful x N / This is the action after using skill in my bot, you can adjust the number N to match your level of craft. If you get a lot of botch you might need to decrease this value. Try increase this value as much as possible and the craft still finish with some few durability left.
7) If all above were used, bot will spam standard until finish.

With above method and exp book, you can get like 2000-3000 exp per craft. It took around 2.5-3 min per craft. Try to use your imagination to adjust skill to match your preference.

2) Culinary

It’s seem useless but CUL have a great set of skills that will be use in the HQ craft too. So, just use your fish that you got from fishing to level up your CUL till 50. I can’t recommend you much because it depend on your fish on hand. So just check the recipe in lodestone and find the way to level up CUL.

You can just leveling CUL to only 36 for “Heart and soul” skill ( increase quality 125% for next step ) I’m not a big fan of “Magnum Opus” skill method because you can’t bot with it ( it need you to use when it rainbow ) But if you prefer some manual crafting, you might need to get that skill ( Magnum Opus )

When you got Heart and Soul, you can just replace above Creative Urge skill with Heart and Soul then adjust the order to be like this

1) Comfort Zone + Standard:3
2) Master’s Mend + Instant:0
3) Innovation + Careful:1
4) Heart and Soul + Careful:1
5) Purification + Careful:1

with above setup, if you lucky you’ll get a lot of boost in exp from 200+ quality :)

If you want to level your CUL to 50, you might as well try this recipes, it kind of costly but you can use this food for your DoH or DoL in the future.

1) Rolanberry Cheese ( recipe 41-50 ) using Buffalo Milk x2 and Rolanberry x 1. You can purchase both ingredients from NPC in uldah. Try using website for detail. This one if eat it will give you 15 Craftmanship. You can start this recipe when your level around 36+.
2) Pineapple Juice ( recipe 51-60 ) using Prickly Pineapple x2. You can buy from NPC in uldah too. This one give you +15 to M.Craftmanship. Try start making this around 40+ or when you feel that rolanberry cheese give you less exp.

3) Blacksmith

Since it’s easy to level up and there’s good skill at 45, so I choose the level this one next. Here’s some of the recipe I was using.

1-10 : Doing local leve
10-15 : Iron Orex4=>Iron Nuggetx12  : Dated recipe but still great yield. Keep Iron nugget for next recipes
15-20+? : Iron Nuggetx2 => Iron Pommel : Dated recipe too but super easy to do. Try leveling this recipe until you feel exp drop. Sell this thing to NPC.
20+-30+? : Iron Nuggetx3 => Iron Javelin Headx3 : try to make this recipe when you able to do it. Sell it back to NPC for some gil back. Try check the luminary guide for recipe choice
30+-45 : Iron Nuggetx4 => Ornamental Iron Hammer Head : Try follow that luminary guide, if you still have iron nugget left.
45-50 : Darksteel Orex2 + Iron Ore = > Darksteel Nugget : Try to craft something that can sell to market ward like some weapons or tools. So you’ll leveling with profit :) or try to do darksteel recipe with lot of quality boost to get some lucky Darksteel Nugget+1.

When you got BSM 45, you’ll get greater calling. You can replace your skills with that new one you just got.

1) Greater Calling + Rapid:3
2) Master’s Mend + Instant:0
3) Innovation + Careful:1
4) Heart and Soul + Careful:1
5) Purification + Careful:1

4) Carpenter

This one will give the ultimate skill too ( Byregot’s Blessing ) So it worth to level it next. You can follow the luminary guide.

1-10 : Local leve as always
10-15 :  Elm Log -> Elm Lumber -> Elm Hammer Grip : and sell it to NPC ( just few elm log will boost you to lv 15 easily )
16-20+ : Yew Log -> Yew Lumber or Walnut Log => Walnut Lumber : Just keep the lumber for next recipes
20+-30+ : Yew Lumber -> Dated Yew Halfmask : try to make it when 20 or 21, if you able to do it, just stick with this recipe. Sell finish product to NPC
30+-42? : Walnut Lumber -> Dated Walnut Mask : Try to make it when you can, just wear it and get some materia back or sell it in the market ward for ppl to buy it for spiritbond.
42-50 : Spruce Log -> Spruce Lumber : it’s so cheap that you might just buy it to safe some space ( cuz your inventory will full with walnut mask soon )

After you got Byregot’s Blessing, your HQ craft skill is now full set :)

1) Greater Calling + Rapid:3
2) Master’s Mend + Instant:0
3) Byregot’s Blessing + Careful:1
4) Heart and Soul + Careful:1
5) Purification + Careful:1

5) Goldsmith

In my opinion, GSM is the class that can make lot of profit easily since you can sell your spiritbond accessories to market. Or even lot more profit with +1 accessories :) So it worth leveling next after you get full HQ skills.

1-40 : Just follow the luminary guide… I’m lazy to type haha
41-50 : Now the fun happen, you can just make the accessories to sell it to market for more profit. Or you can just try to grind with Rose Gold Nugget recipe, if you lucky you’ll get rose gold nugget+1 and a lot of profit :)

6) Leatherworker

This is the pain-in-the-ass class to level when you hit 40. Because it don’t have any cheap recipe to grind at last 10 level. For me, I just stick with Fleece Recipes from 36 to 50 ( you can buy sheepskin from NPC in Grinadia for just 1000 gil ). Other level, just follow the luminary guide.

7) Armorer

I don’t see this class get some profit since ppl using AF and don’t bother buying any armor ( well, at least you can fix your own gear if you lvl this class ) ==’ But it’s the easy to level up with the current recipe since you can use iron ore to grind from 1->50. Please follow luminary guide.

Here’s some of my leveling recipe

1-8 : local leve
8-10 : Bronze Nugget => Bronze Spike / Bronze Square
10-16 : Bronze Square => Bronze Celata Visor
16-19 : Iron Nugget => Iron Square
19-24  : Iron Square => Iron Toe
24-31 : Iron Square => Iron Barbut Visor
31-40? : Iron Square => Iron Celata Visor ( I’m not sure what lv to stop cuz I just bot for few hours and it kick to 41 lol )
40?-50 : Iron Square x2 + Buffalo Leather Strap => Iron Greave / Darksteel Nugget ( If you still having iron square left, you can try first recipe, but if you don’t I think it’s better to try Darksteel Nugget since you might lucky and get some +1 with it :)

*** more to come ***

8> Weaver

Same as armorer… it don’t play the big role since Venya is a junk. Just leveling it to fix you gear and craft some of your crafting gear +1. Just follow the luminary guide.

The last 40-50 I found out that doing twinthread from 40 till 50 is the good choice cuz it gave like 3000+ exp at 150 quality at lv 40. The problem is crawler cocoon sometime expensive and hardly selling in ward.


I hope you can leveling up your char with ease since it’s lot easy with exp book + rest exp and some HQ craft. If you have any comment about my method just put your comment below :). Enjoy botting! hehe

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