Here’s the list of useful link I found over internet/friend recommendation and I think they are useful for everyone that using my bot

Materia and Catalyst guide

Credit to the writer :

Fishing Grade Map

Super useful very-large scale map of all areas in FFXIV, containing every grade ( 1-10 ). Credit from

*Update* due to changed in patch 1.18, all grade 6-10 will be change to grade, no more easy exp at last 10 rank ^^; ( well, it suppose to be like this from the beginning anyway )

La Noscea

The Black Shroud


Cassiopeia Hollow (Grade 4) ( Someone told me it south of Camp Bloodshore and there’s some aggro. )

Fishing Alchemy

Very useful information about Fishes and Alchemy. use this to plan your target shard/crystal : Click Here!

My botting experience

My botting experience and some rules every botter should follow. : Click Here!

YG Fishes List

I use this list to check what I can do other than alchemy, also comment from community of each fish like where to fish them. Useful!

Freshwater Fare |  Saltwater Fare

Resource Finder

Fishes Database with detail for bait/lure and depth : Click here!


After FFXIV 1.20 Please check here for more detail about sweet spot : Resource Finder Forum


( I’ll update list once they confirm all fish sweet spot )

Fishes and Depth summary

1-page fishes and depth summary for ease of use.


Set any window to Alway-on-top

Very useful AutoHotKey-based script that can set any window to be a always on top window.  Use them if you want to closely monitor your bot activity and also want to do something else like watching movie from media player or youtube. Btw, you can’t active your alway-on-top window cuz my bot will send input to it… it better to watch movie only.

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